January 12, 2009

Men sail the seas
in search of truth or treasure;
hearts full of childhood poetry.
The sails go up
in the first excitement,
where winds blow
into the words of the wild seas.

The journey is rough:
storms crash waves into rocky boats

while leaky pens offer no warrant

until the eye of the storm

offers a moment’s peace,

but sometimes winds cease to blow

that the ship must lay

quiet and unmoving.

Some men grow daft,

some tired and abandon ship;

hopes of discovery drown
beneath the hull,
but winds always come back,

blowing in one direction or anew

to start the journey once again.

In the end
there’s always one

brave enough to continue sailing,

and finally finds

both truth and treasure

inked upon his hands.


6 Responses to “Sailing”

  1. fivereflections Says:

    very creative and very inspiring

  2. SandyCarlson Says:

    Absolutely! And may that brave sailor keep on…!

  3. Amias Says:

    This is very profound indeed! Then ending is so poetically refreshing.

    “both truth and treasure
    inked upon his hands.”

  4. floreta Says:

    this is a metaphor for life! it reminds me of the book ‘the alchemist’.

  5. Sandy Says:

    So nice, I like the way you ended it.

  6. I love the ending of this…

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